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A few days ago, I added a new promotional service called BlogPros. Their Business-Model seemed sound enough, but since then, every post that I have put onto my blog has been flagged on Facebook as spam. To be fair, it is possible that I have a lurker on my site who is flagging everything that I post as spam. Since the text of my blog-posts get flagged, even if I change URLs, then I can’t afford to post anything ‘good’ or ‘valuable’ until I figure this thing out. Since BlogPros has neither contacted me nor been willing/able to discontinue my connection, I am writing this as a warning to others who could end up getting their blog blocked on Facebook. Many of us depend hugely, if not entirely, on our Facebook connections to keep our blogs going. So please take heed before you consider enrolling in one of these programs.

How BlogPros works.

  1. You submit your URL to BlogPros
  2. BlogPros sets up an RSS Feed to detect all new posts
  3. BlogPros ‘promotes’ your posts on several social media networks automatically

This is excellent, in theory, but there is no ‘off switch’ if you run into problems and you can wind up getting your entire blog blocked on Facebook.

Since the connection is automated, you cannot post ANYTHING without doing further damage.

If your URL gets blocked, then visitors see a big red warning from Facebook that your content has been flagged as ‘abusive’ when they try to share your posts – a huge turn-off to visitors who might lose their loyalty entirely over such issues.

So, you not only fail to build a sustainable base, but you might incur substantial losses to your business.

Things that BlogPros could definitely do better:

  1. Provide a phone number for distressed customers
  2. Respond to emails, if nothing more than to alert the customer that they have been received
  3. Cancel services in a timely fashion when/if problems occur

I will take this post down if BlogPros ever resolves this issue with my account, but I will likely put up a stern warning for would be customers as this has shut my blog down for almost a week now.

Since EVERYTHING I post gets blocked on Facebook, I can’t really afford to post any valuable assets until this issue has been resolved.

I appreciate your patience. Hopefully I will have something of substance up very soon.

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