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Net-Karma, Net-Harmony

How do we get people to stop screwing around, exercising stupid, counter-productive or down-right anti-social behavior online? How do we promote ‘Net-Harmony’, intelligence and peace on Earth? This could easily be achieved with Artificial Intelligence and a little bit of creative mischief on the part of a creative programmer.

How does it all work? Quite simply make it such that you literally reap what you sow. Want to stop people from scamming online? Create a social media platform with scam-bots. If a person is reported for scamming, then they are forced to solve a puzzle that requires the successful interaction with a bot that tries to pull an equal and opposite scam on them. They are not permitted to search or post or chat with anyone until they have effectively solved this puzzle. Repeated offenses result in the recruitment of more chat-bot puzzles that have to be solved until either the person cries uncle and answers a multiple choice question that contains the offense (scamming), for which the puzzles have been initiated.

Like to send people pictures of your genitals? So do our chat bots! If reported for unwelcome genital shots, then you get a Captcha screen where you have to pick all of the pictures that represent gay porn! The more often you repeat the behavior, the longer and more in depth you have to get in solving the puzzle.

Like to ask stupid questions online without first doing your homework? Then you have to wade through a custom list of stupid questions (and actually type answers in the comments), before you get to the answer you seek. Of course you could use the ‘search’ feature, instead of the ‘post’ feature and see if your question has already been asked and answered (I’ll bet it probably has).

But this technology does not always need to be painful. If you use the search feature more often than the post feature, then you will be rewarded with posts that you would probably find interesting or entertaining. If you approach people respectfully, then you will get recommendations for friends who are equally polite. If you respond to posts in an intelligent and level headed manner, then you will get the most intelligent sounding and level headed arguments in your feed.

Everyone has different pet peaves. The Artificial Intelligence would be trained to sort out individual preferences and dislikes and find appropriate equal opposites. For stupid behavior, you might be rewarded by having to wade through boring material to solve puzzles. For antisocial behavior — say divisive, unsubstantiated and inflammatory political posts — then your puzzles will have equal and opposite portrayals of your own political favorites. If you insist on repeating bad behavior, then your online experience will be dominated by your own personal hell and if you don’t take the puzzles seriously, then you remain trapped until you do.

This would teach people to either avoid the website or play nicely with one another. People who did play nicely would be rewarded with intelligent friend recommendations for whatever they desire. It’s ok to want sex, just find someone who also wants sex. It’s ok to need money, just find someone who wants to help the needy. It’s ok to have political opinions, but try to be informed and if not, then understand that your opinion really is not valuable.

This kind of technology exists, and all of the big players — Amazon, Google, Facebook and many others — now have the ability to impliment on a sister site — they have the money and the technology exists, … if they don’t have the know how, then send them to me! I’ll give my billion dollar ideas away for free, if someone will impliment them!

So, if you are tired of the BS online and feel that the situation is hopeless, take a chance on the insanely logical and so absurd that it is irrefutable!

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