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Combatting Internet Trolls and Meddling with Elections

In today’s world, it seems that even the most legitimate news sources available are biased. Many of us spend more and more time online and less and less time watching television or reading mainstream publications. Further, it can be exhausting to try to undergo fact finding and truth checking on your own. Why not have a social media site that collects ‘supporting evidence’ for inflammatory posts that are designed to divide and confuse the American people (or any people, really), because face it, the foreign agents don’t need to control who is in office, they merely need to render us inoperable. And they do a very good job of that.

With computers, it would be possible to do several things.

One, collect all entries for supporting evidence and simply count the number of times that an entry is reported. Surely, there would be a lot of spurious entries, but these would be less common and more diffuse. If people participated in trying to provide accurate information, then correct entries would become more common and would rise to the top of the list, if it were sorted in decending order of frequency.

The system that I propose would collect ratings on each post and entry for fact checking. Individuals who voted falsely would not only earn a public reputation for their dangerous and antisocial behavior, but all of their activities online would be tainted by the reputation of the supporters. Basically, posts, proposed supporting evidence and the voters themselves would all earn reputations. So, in the very least, everyone should get a pretty good idea of the quality of the arguments that they are using to base thier opinions. Whether people would actually care? That is the upper limit of hope for humanity. Pride, arrogance, apathy and blind obedience to a leader are all killers of democracy. If the voters cannot be held responsible to think well, then what can we expect from the products of thier opinions and beliefs???

I am actually working on a system that would actively hunt down and identify inflammatory and divisive posts and work very hard to debunk them.

My system would also work hard to ensure that people received balanced opinions in their news feed.

People would probably balk. It is much nicer to only hear what you already believe and only hear from people who agree with you, but this pandering to preference as if it were a divine right is exactly what finishes the divisive intentions of the trolls.

Many things are possible with computer programming.

The big social media sites could easily implement the suggestions that I make. They have the computing resources, the manpower, the intelligence and the ability in all other ways. If you like the idea in theory, regardless of your agreement with the methodology, then please like and share this and similar posts. Perhaps together we can work towards the development of social media that truly works for us as individuals and us as a concerned and connected society.

Thank you for reading.

If I built a Social Media Site that could sort fact from fiction/opinion and provide balanced news and information, specifically targeted towards balancing your own views and making sure that relevant facts had been considered, would you use it? Take the short survey below and let your opinion be heard!

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